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Burglar Alarm

 Approximately every 8 seconds, a residential burglary is committed in North America, many while the victim is at home!  In fact, the average homeowner has a 1 in 6 chance of being burglarized.

Don't be one of them!


FREE Wireless system of a value of $850.00

At no cost to you for parts and activation with only a $99.00 Installation fee and the purchase of alarm monitoring services 



Call now at (305) 403-1660 and receive an extra Wireless Remote Control for free


Our state-of –the-art Home Security System Includes:


• Front and back doors protected

• Infrared interior motion detector

• Digital keypad with police, fire and medical emergency buttons

• Interior siren

• Control panel with battery back-up

• Lawn sign and window decals



From Ordinary to Extraordinary



Your alarm can text and notify you when the kids get home.  The kids won't be crazy about this feature, but you will be! 

 For those who want to get the maximum in automation alarm system we offer an application to activate and deactivate your alarm using your smartphone or computer. You can take control of your security system and see every event that your burglar system recorded. Now you can arm or disarm your system with your iphone or android, as well as turn on and off the lights and regulate the temperature of you AC from anywhere in the world through your phone or internet, the most convenient and affordable automation system.

  • Use your Iphone, Android, Ipad or computer to remotely arm or desarm your alarm system.
  • Receive a voice or text message from your cellphone in seconds if your alarm activates.
  • Internet alarm Monitoring
  • Virtual Keypad via computer, iphone, ipad or Android.


Call for price


 If you are a customer who wants to arm/disarm or check your alarm's event history please visit:





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